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  • Oakleafe Rambling Club aims to provide a full programme of Walking with Company through some of the best parts of south-east England.   Our main bases for activities are to be found in the North & South Downs, with the Weald in between.
  • Oakleafe offers a Walking Fellowship in TWO COUNTIES, to generally explore areas of East Sussex and east of Surrey.  We do regularly venture into the west of Kent; & sometimes further afield (West Sussex; Dorset; Suffolk; & Norfolk have all been visited in recent years). 
  • Oakleafe offers a variety of Groups for RAMBLERS and/or NORDIC WALKERS.
  • Our specialisation for most events :     HALF-DAY EVENTS
  • AND ~ FRIENDLY DOGS are very welcome on RAMBLES ~ but, with owners usually on a lead.


This is our Club’s new website (built using WordPress Gutenberg) and hopefully this format will eventually allow better accessibility from mobile and tablets (although we are still learning!).

Our facebook group can be found at :  https://www.facebook.com/groups/oakleafesussex/

THIS Seasonal GREETING has been issued to all our Club database group members ~ WITH a request to OPT-IN to one or more of our SIX database Groups to operate exclusively from the end of January 2019 through to the end of 2020. 
35 Club Members have already responded as at Thursday evening 20th December 2018.


We would encourage you to register with our NEW 2019/2020 databasee Groups (there are 6)  for the specific location (County); timing (weekend/weekday etc); and type of event that interest you (Rambling and/or Nordic).

Our email Briefings are sent around to those members in the relevant Group database ~ usually about 24 to 36 hours BEFORE THE EVENT. 
NOTE : At the start of 2017 we last completed our OPT-IN refresher for email addresses to be used, so that we have ensured as far as possible, only individual email addresses that WANT to receive briefings from the Club do get them currently.    The request is NOW OUT for folk to OPT-IN again for the new database Groups that will exclusively run from the end of January 2019.

20th December 2018Over the coming couple of weeks we will be adding email addresses for those who wish to participate in the 2019/2020 seasons, following our invitation (issued by EMAIL yesterday) to SUBSCRIBE into our NEW (SIX Specific Groups) members’ database for 2019/2020. If you do not email your response to walking@oakleafe.co.uk to OPT-IN for our new Group Lists (IN use for 2019/20), then in short order you will find that you may NO LONGER be receiving our briefings directly once we are in to February.  There will be reminders with briefings in the meantime.

We now issue our briefings only via the MailChimp servers on our behalf, and they hold the physical database for individual groups.  Opening records and bounces are all noted carefully on that system.  Do make sure that our email address is listed on your Address book, and check the SPAM or PROMOTIONS or similar other ‘Inbox’-folders, in case emails are ending up in there.  Do then MOVE them into the appropriate inbox!  Hopefully your system will then recognise us as a Safe Sender (gradually!). 

Do check the  note relating to latest site update time-details, found above.

If you usually receive an email for a specific group and suddenly you have not heard from the Club for a while, please do let us know!! 
TEXT to 07930 738034 to request a briefing by mobile ~ if available


From the MENU at the top of each page ~ see the EVENT(s) TAB that follows the general information regarding each county.

Getting Started ~ Booking In & Meeting Times

BOOKING IN is IMPORTANT ~ here is why :

  • usually Please DO contact us in advance to participate in an event. 
    In this way we can ensure that you are emailed with the most up-to-date briefing information :   AND, we can judge how best to make any changes or notify same in the event of need to adjust or cancel an event (through bad weather/illness/or very low uptake to participate).
  • If you have booked in and we have received your Text or eMail, then we will respond to confirm receipt, so that … you know that we know !! 
  • Occasionally texts take a time to reach us, living as we do in the Cuckmere Valley within South Downs. 
    The longest delay we have known has been nearly 24 hours … which could make some bookings VERY late indeed for us getting to the start or when deciding about the viability of a particular event. 
  • Event-viability :
    as long as there is a single booking, then we will usually go ahead with the event ~ usually :  although some of those at longer range do make this difficult to always follow.  For thsoe a QUORUM will be set.  Having done the research for an event, and prepared website pages, images etc, and issued an email briefing ~  the one thing that we hate doing is to cancel the event itself.

Unless otherwise stated in our email or web-Briefing pages :

  • MORNING WALKS generally start at 10 am, meeting at 9:55am ~ ahead of the walk start.  
    BUT : U3A events in East of Surrey usually meet by 09:45, hopefully allowing sufficient time for any refreshment pre-ordering process!
  • AFTERNOON Walks generally start at 2pm, meeting about 1:55pm, just ahead of the walk start
  • EAST SUSSEX NORDIC-FITNESS EVENTS, which will start for 2019 series (April to September) at 6:30pm ~ meeting 18:25 unless otherwise included in our Briefing very early or late in the season.


  • OAKLEAFE is a “Pay-when-you-walk” Club ~ without any Joining Fee or annual Membership Subscription. 
    This is how the Club has developed and grown through the last 15 years.  We have sincerely tried to maintain the walk event subscriptions at a low level, where we can meet overheads whilst maintaining accessibility for all.
  • The event-subscriptions to participate in Oakleafe Club walking events are set to meet costs arising through :
  • compiling the event briefings;
  • event planning & particularly for previewing new walk sections; and
  • the costs of this website & maintenance thereof, together with our presence through other web outlets (i.e. facebook; U3A website and so on).
    OUR GUIDED EVENT PRICING : simplified from start of 2015 and still valid through season 2017/18 :  now standardised generally across our activities, as between Ramble and Nordic events.
  • ALL HALF DAY events, be they Rambling or Nordic have a standard subscription of £5 per person per event.
  • All DAYWALKS will be £10 for the whole day, per person per event.
  • We do offer an occasional “three-quarter” day event where the location or the route demands something extra ~ these will be £7.50 per person per event. 

    Loan of Nordic Walk poles will stay at a £2 charge per single event for use of a pair of our loan poles.  Poles from the Loan Pole Bag are occasionally available for sale.

Finding out more about our Walk Events

  • Please email is to secure more information or to receive our emailed Walk Briefings.  However, before you do so, please do explore on this site further, including the ABOUT Oakleafe section.  We have included a précis of much information on this HOME page, but there it is expanded.
  • Finding our more about the Club, our ways and briefing materials, or just new to walking : have a look through the TAB (top left on this page) ABOUT Oakleafe
    The first page that opens is long and has lots more information, so do skim through.  Hopefully you will find the answer to any immediate questions there. 
    Alternatively, if you still cannot find the answer you are seeking, do CONTACT US by email ~ and we will do our best to answer fully for you. 
    ALSO : Under the About OAKLEAFE Tab you will also find a tab that covers Walking gear, shoes/boots, refreshment and general Safety on walks.  Please do read this.
  • Full event briefings are NOT now incorporated on the website, but are emailed out individually to our Club Members who have opted-in to participate in a specific Group. 
    The last refresh of the OPT-IN process for eMail Groups was issued by email during December 2016 to all of those then on the Groups Database accounts.  Hence, we are on the point of issuing a fresh invitation to cover the NEXT 2 years ~ for 2019/2020..  If you did NOT respond to be included in the new mailings database, and have stopped receiving mails from the Club, then do please use the CONTACT FORM from the website or email the Club at the usual address … requesting to be included.  You will not have receive any mailings after end of January 2019 if you do not OPT IN.  The next refresh of our OPT-IN records after this one will be circulated late in December 2020 … probably shortly before Christmas
  • The email briefing campaign documents are handled for us by MailChimp, but come out from the usual email account that you are used to.  The database for each group (clearly stated which one and your terms of joining) is now securely held by MailChimp ~ we handle directly the OPT-IN invitations each time, however.  
  • Our email Briefings are now issued typically from about 24 to 48 hours ahead of an event taking place, all being well.   These briefings are only put out close to an event, so that we can first plan and amend having reviewed weather forecasts. 
  • We do try very hard to keep the database for each Group up-to-date, so if you wish to stop the mailings, please do UNSUBSCRIBE using the link provided with each mailing.
  • If you are on the database and do NOT open the mails at least occasionally as they arrive, then this is monitored by MailChimp and in due course (and without warning to us) your inclusion in the database will ultimately be ‘spring-cleaned’ away. 

  • If you are contacting us to request being included in mailing lists to hear about our events, please say which specific events and/or Groups activities you would like to hear about in the future, AND whether you are based in East Sussex or Surrey.
    Very soon we will have direct links to apply to join the database relevant for each group ~ by county, walking style and between weekdays and weekends
  • We now plan and monitor our walking events using the VIEW RANGER app that bases its mapping in OS Pathfinder series.  Nigel is registered with View Ranger as Walk Leader :  with a bit of care it is possible for us to take the routes that we have done and make them available to our members through that app, as well (they are 33 map credits as the minimum amount that View Ranger will accept (about 7 pence currently)