North Downs Way Fingerpost/waymarker
Where it all began ~ guided rambling on and round the North Downs of East Surrey (2003/4 et seq)
South Downs Way fingerpost/weymarker
In 2007 our Club base was moved down to a valley in the eastern South Downs
Our base is in this beautiful valley in the eastern South Downs
Walking by Water ~ a regular feature of many of our Events
Bough Beech reservoir from Ide Hill
Here we were walking on the Greensand Ridge in the Weald ~ looking south towards Bough Beech Reservor
Chiddingstone Castle bridge
Many of our walks venture into the west of Kent ~ here we were at Chiddingstone Castle and the bridge across the lakes
Welcoming pub at the end of an Abbots Wood Walk
At the end of a walk, be it a rambling group or Nordic Walkers … most occasions we find that the cars are parked by arrangement at a convenient and welcoming hostelry for the important social occasion that follows ~ a chance to chat and share adventures
Descent into Corfe
AT times we have gone away for Long Weekends of Walking (usually 3 or 4 days away). Here we have our 2018 Dorset Walking Group descending into Corfe from the Nine Barrow Down
Staffhurst area (Merle Common) rest stop with U3A group
Along the way we take the chance for a breather and some water or other refreshment
Blizzard at RAF Kenley
All weather walking ~ although this blizzard had NOT been on the forecasts during winter 2017/18. This was taken on the RAF Kenley perimeter track walking path
One of the Oakleafe Daywalk groups during the summer of 2018