Welcome to our Walking Group Website

We believe this to be the typical landing point for those arriving here for the first time.

A warm welcome to our completely new and overhauled Oakleafe Rambling & Nordic Walking Groups’ web pages ~ published now using WordPress.

Exciting but busy times as we endeavour to adapt to this new format … and get it right, too!

What Next

This is our first post relating to our new Site Build ~ so please bear with us as we try to get all features up and running; and move others around to make things easier to find.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS : much easier to update once set up.

Our web pages have been built using the same Web Creator package over the last 10 to 12 years.  Now, we have migrated the key components into this new style with WordPress as the driving force.

There is a steep learning curve in this, not least how to stop some of the old format elements still dominating what can be seen. 

We will win through!