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OAKLEAFE SUSSEX now offer you something different
Several folk recently asked us about running an occasional BIKE RIDE

We held the first of these on 13th August 2017.  We have another event in the planning
calendar for :  (was Saturday 4th November) now Saturday 2nd December.

We will be running occasional events (probably three or four) through 2018 ... subject to sufficient support.  If you want to join in with the cycling, do REGISTER with us this interest so that we can include your email address in the new CYCLING DATABASE group for briefing documents to be issues to you.

This is all new, and we have started a new, separate email GROUP for this. 

Saturday 17th FEBRUARY 2018 : from GROOMBRIDGE long stay car park near the Football Club, cycling 7.5-miles approx on the FOREST WAY to Forest Row for a lunch stop ... and then back.  Total distance 15-miles.


Please bring your own bicycle (a loan bicycle can be reserved from Nigel ... and that is the maximum that I can bring with me to the START point)

We do strongly recommend that you wear a good quality CYCLE HELMET to protect your head in the event of a fall.  In the event that you decide not to wear a helmet, then that is entirely at your own risk

We also recommend the wearing of some cycle-specific gloves or mitts to protect your hands to some degree in the event of a fall

Please generally observe the Highway Code when you are riding on roads; and when riding on cycle paths or similar, then please do not go fast and DO give way to pedestrians,  We would ask you to politely give warning of your approach if members of the public there are not looking in your direction ~ I personally prefer a quiet & polite voice to advise of cycle approach rather then a 'Peremptory Bell' !!
This is supposed to be a sociable and fun ride ~ so it is NOT a race, NOR one necessarily for acres of Lurid Lycra, OR for speeding along.

Cycle Types :  Mountain bikes; road bikes; shoppers; hybrids : BUT we do recommend adults only on this event. 
BUT :  All Cycles should be roadworthy, with functioning brakes and tyres pumped up!!

DO BRING some water with you, and preferably a puncture repair kit. 
I will be carrying a first aid kit, and a small pump capable of pumping up PRESTA or SCHRAEDER valves depending upon your steed.