ABOUT Oakleafe

                               ~ where it all began

Since May 2003 Nigel has been involved with leading walking events for the U3A Group from Caterham in Surrey : and it is now under the auspices of Oakleafe Rambling Club
At the start of May 2013 we celebrated our TENTH ANNIVERSARY of planning and leading walks for this particular Group, so we are now into our fourteenth year.  Since July 2016 we changed from a fortnightly adopted a weekly format of Guided Walks on a Monday morning, generally in East Surrey.  These combine those who wish to ramble and those who have started with our Nordic walking group.
Typical group sizes here of from 10 to 20 folk per event.
The walk leader here for the Monday morning events is usually Nigel Bentley.

You should now see the TAB to open upon the left ~  U3A RAMBLES ~ which is our forthcoming diary of event dates ~ for Caterham U3A events as currently known. 


A note about U3A Walk Subs for U3A members (Caterham, local area Group) :
In addition to our Per-Walk Subscription, there is an Annual Subscription for membership of the U3A itself, however (currently £12 per year for the Caterham U3A Group for 2017).


         fortnightly on a Saturday Afternoon

Since September 2004 Oakleafe Rambling Club has been running regular events throughout the east of Surrey ~ as far east as Sevenoaks in the west of Kent, and west to Leith Hill and Dorking; and south to Edenbridge (Kent again) and Ashdown Forest (East Sussex). 
So, it is that section of the North Downs ridge with the Weald to the south including the Greensand Ridge.   The immediate Home range for this group would be Caterham/Woldingham/Warlingham/Oxted/Godstone area of East of Surrey.

Oakleafe Club will soon be in its FIFTEENTH year of planning and leading walks for this particular Group. 
    Typical group sizes for walks that can go ahead vary from 4 or 5 to 10+ . 
    The group eMailing list (2017/18 version) has 30 e-mail addresses.
Using our MailChimp tracking reports, and also looking at the take-up for Groups month-by-month, we will have to soon make some hard decisions regarding the future of specific groups.  The putting together of the walk plans, briefings etc are very time-consuming ... and if a particular group is not getting the support over a considerable period, then the future of that group will be questionned.  This approach to practicality makes space of a weekend for other groups who are "active" ~ to perhaps have more events available, satisfying those groups that are busy.
At Risk at the Moment :  Surrey Weekend Rambling ~
which has been running substantially quieter for at least the last 6-month period, if not for the last whole year.  Since Jeff has been away recovering from his knee surgery, it has been noted that by mid-November only three events out of possible seven, have run with folk booked in from Surrey.   Others were cancelled with either no bookings (2) or numbers so low and deemed as such to be untenable (2).

The walk leader for these fortnightly Saturday afternoon events is usually Jeff Jeffery from Woldingham (Surrey), who has been a Volunteer Group Leader for nearly 10 years now.  Jeff is currently recovering from a knee operation, and so Peter and Nigel are covering these events where possible.

You should now see a TAB opened up SAT pm RAMBLES ~ which is our forthcoming diary of event dates as currently known ~ which for 2017 is only for January through to the beginning of April at the moment.  Our planning onwards through the year  depends on numbers booking in for that first quarter of the year. 
Venues are added where these are known : and below that TAB will possibly be a briefing TAB for a specific event if it is imminent.

HEARING via your email-INBOX about our NEXT WALKS :  
Please contact us for details to be emailed to you directly (usually 24 to 36 hours before an event) for the series that you are interested in ~ OR, if you are not already receiving the briefings that you wish.  It is simple to UNSUBSCRIBE from one or all of our Oakleafe database groups that we maintain; and we do not share our address-lists with ANY third parties; or through the Club membership.